• Neutered/Spayed
  • Dog friendly
  • Current on rabies

There’s just something about a Yellow Lab. We wish we knew Walter’s whole story. He could probably star in a Disney movie. He was found on the road by Central Valley Rescue Railroad in Lindsay, CA but it took 10 days for him to gain enough confidence to wander into a play area at the Rescue. One of the great volunteers had been feeding him and encouraging him to come to her, but he would have nothing of it. He was scared and confused. Fast forward and Walter is now walking on a leash and socializing with other dogs. He has a Lab heart and wants to learn but who knows what has happened to him in the past. Walter is approximately 18 months old, weighs 55 pounds and is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Are you looking for a lifelong friend to share adventures with? Come meet Walter. If you are interested in adopting Walter, go to https://www.cvrr.us/info/adoption for more information on the adoption process or call 559.799.1775 to schedule a meet and greet.