The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno has established its team as one of the most active animal rescue organizations in the valley! Daily we continue to push the boundaries of service to the community by developing exciting and innovative ways to serve the animals that so desperately need our help. We are constantly looking for volunteers who can make a difference.

If you are 18 years or older and wish to join our team please complete the Volunteer Application. A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you. If you have any additional questions about becoming a LRRF volunteer, you may email Tricia at

Please note that most of our communication and coordination is done via a private group on Facebook, so please ensure that you have an active facebook account to participate.

You want to Volunteer

If you’re 18 years or older and in the Fresno or surrounding area, you can make a tremendous contribution to the LRRF work by volunteering just a few hours a week. LRRF is always in need of people to help with adoption events, or to transport dogs to vet appointments. Knowing that you’re helping these loving, wonderful dogs is a rewarding way to spend your time. Here are some examples of the kind of volunteer help we need:

  • PetSmart
    LRRF holds adoption events every Saturday at the PetSmart store located in Clovis on Herndon Avenue and Willow. We bring our available dogs to meet the public. We need people to transport the dogs, set up our displays, talk to the public about our mission, take care of the dogs during the event, and do doggie clean up.
  • Transport
    Our dogs occasionally need rides to adoption events, to veterinarian appointments, or other necessities. We often have the need for a volunteer to help with transporting a dog coming out of the shelter to safety.
  • Event planning
    LRRF has a number of fund-raising events throughout the year that are a major source of our budget. We need volunteers to help at the event and to secure auction and opportunity drawing donation items from around the community. Also, prior to the event date we need people to post and hand out flyers regarding the event in and around the community.
  • Fostering
    Details about fostering, including expectations and responsibilities, can be found here.