Rehoming Labrador Retriever – at risk of euthanasia (Sunnyvale)
7 year old, male, golden Lab

  • Neutered/Spayed
  • Dog friendly
  • House trained
  • Current on rabies

Up to date on vaccines, house/potty trained and basic crate training

We got Simba as a puppy seven years ago from a Labrador Retriever breeder in Vacaville. He is a very sweet, loving dog who loves to play with other dogs, go on walks or hikes, and sleep in the sun. He is very well house-trained, does not chew items that aren’t his toys, and is very responsive to treats. He loves belly + chin scratches, being brushed/combed, fetch, games that involve mental stimulation, and needs a backyard/lots of space. Unfortunately, I am leaving to grad school, and my family is unable to take care of him physically.

We would love to meet with potential adopters to explain Simba’s situation and occasionally reactive behavior in detail. He behaves very well outside of our family unit (for example, at pets hotels, the vet, and doggy day care), but can be protective around the 4 of us in particular. Through various trainings over the years, we have developed methods for addressing his triggers, but he may require a more experienced dog owner. Only around our family unit has Simba become reactive, and he has a mild bite history (minor puncture wounds). Unfortunately, if we are unable to rehome him before end of August, we will have to euthanize him since rescues and shelters do not take dogs with any kind of bite history, no matter how limited/specific to the situation.

He loves to play with dogs! He often goes to the park near our house and can play with them well off leash. He also plays well at doggy day care. He sometimes gets overexcited, but he will back down if taken away or if his playmate communicates.

He requires at least 2 daily walks, access to walk and run in a backyard, and occasional (biweekly) playdates with other dogs at parks. He loves to hike as well, but it isn’t necessary. He does not like long car drives or cats.

Simba has the potential to improve with someone that has more time to maintain his training and expose him to new situations. He is deserving of a loving family, and we hope we are able to find the right match! If you are interested, please email me ASAP!


Era Goel
(408) 718-7248