Just wanted to send you a little email to give you some peace of mind though out the day tmrw when you think of Watson…. We got your text message and fed him tonight. He ate extremely well and had only one accident in the house tonight (which was to be expected), but after that he followed Tucker outside multiple times and used the restroom immediately after he saw Tucker use the restroom. Watson has not acted the least bit timid and we were actually pretty surprised how fast he has seemed to take to his new environment within the first few hours of being here. Tucker and Watson have played and chased each other in circles in the backyard and we even got him playing catch after he watched Tucker playing. He is contently sleeping on the ground next to the couch Brian and I are sitting on right now… we think we successfully tired him out and he will sleep happily in his new crate tonight that we already introduced him to. Thank you so much for rescuing him and giving him a chance- we can already tell what an amazing little guy he is and it completely baffles my mind how someone can neglect any kind of dog, but especially someone with a personality like his. Thank God there are still good people out there like you to give him a second chance.