We are so glad that, on a whim we stopped, by the rescue shelter at RiverPark one Sunday in November and met our Sasha in the process. It’s been a bit over four months since you brought Sasha, then 11 months old, to our home. And things just continue to get more and more fun. Sasha has provided us with additional company and lots of love, and we try to return that to her on a daily basis.

Sasha had some shedding problems in December-January, but the problem was solved at length, involving our long-time vet, Dr. Linda Porter. We concluded there were several reasons: possible temporary allergies, the “normal” adjustment to new digs and being abandoned, that we keep our home exceptionally warm and, yeah, Labs do shed. We have since turned down the thermostat and wear more sweaters, and Sasha says thanks — and doesn’t shed any more than she should.

The dog is a fun and funny four-legged person who loves to run, chase and bark at squirrels and birds (that she has absolutely no chance of getting,) ride in the car (when it’s cool enough,) sit on the sofa with us at night, munch on chewies, and join her fellow canines at doggy school on Wednesdays and play time with “The Mutts” on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. She leads the pack into mud puddles, and we think she will really like the swimming pool in summer. She cooperatively goes into the shower with us after she gets herself all muddy, earning a treat as her reward, plus a real rubdown with a flully towel.

Frank and I can’t remember what it was like to be without a dog — our last died two years before we found Sasha — and we don’t want to. Sasha has brought us tremendous joy, and we thank the rescue organization for its work on our behalf and that of others, saving dogs that deserve and need a new home.