Hello to everyone at CCLRR,

I adopted Riot from Central California Lab Rescue back in September of 2009. I changed his name to Rio, just dropped the t off the end. It suits him better. Although I can see where he got the name riot he does so many funny goofy things that he is a riot and makes one ROTFL (Roll on the floor laughing). He lays on his back and bites at his feet, he entertains himself in so many ways its hard to describe in an email some of the funny things he does. He will throw the ball in the air for himself and catch it. He loves his stuffed toys but shreds them in an instant. When I got him the info from when he was picked up it said he was a wild dog. When I first saw him I knew he was for me. When I went to pick him up at Petsmart in Folsom he had a very strong pull and I thought to myself am I going to be able to handle him. He weighed almost 90 pounds. I’m so glad I got him. He is such a wonderful dog so sweet and smart. He learns so quickly it hasn’t been quite a year yet. He wouldn’t get into the car at Petsmart and the foster said this was one of his issues, Again I thought oh no there is no way I can lift this dog into the car, We went to the dog park and he had so much fun after that he couldn’t wait to get in the car. Now he sits at the back of the vehicle and waits till I say hop up. He knows sit, come, stay, leave it, drop it and we are working on walking on the lease well. He still pulls but is getting better.

For a big Lab that is less than 2 years old he is so mellow and just wants to be with his people. He is great at he dog park. We went to Lexington Reservior, he loves the water, he loves to stick his head in it, as long as he can have his feet on the ground he is not willing to get in and swim yet but with encouragement I think he will. Thanks for all you do and for saving these wonderful puppies and giving them a second chance to have a wonderful life.

Blessings, Cheri