Bella and I are WONDERFUL! I don’t remember if I told you or not but I volunteered us a couple months ago for the SPCA “Love on Loan” program! We have been able to visit the kids at the Children’s Receiving Home in Sac and Bella does SO WELL, it just makes me so proud! She does the best with the young kids like 3 or 4 years old. I make them all sit in a circle and they take turns making her shake and giving her treats, it’s so cute! They can even walk her on the leash all by themselves because Bella is so calm and gentle.

I took her to the beach last month for the first time and we had so much fun! Do you know if she had ever been to the beach before?? We played chicken with the waves and she was making me laugh so hard with how excited she got. I attached some pics from our day at the beach!
Hope all is well!

Love and kisses from Bella! Brie