I wanted to give you a little update on our Lily (now going by Lilly due to a misspell on her name tag! lol). Lilly is doing great and adjusted to life with us pretty easily. It’s hard to believe she had been placed in quarantine at the Pound and was so close to being put down as she is such a sweet little girl and everyone who meets her just loves her. She is happiest when out and about on one of her walks – especially when she gets to meet a neighborhood dog! She loves belly rubs and peanut butter in her kong and she’s patiently waiting for the day when our two cats decide to play with her. She’s really impressed us with her improvements in such a short amount of time. The only time she acts timid is when we have guests come over to our house. She’s a little hesitant until they sit on the floor and offer their hand for a sniff and then she’s fine. We are so grateful to CCLRR for bringing this little girl into our lives and wish you continued success in your efforts.

I’m attaching a few photos of Lilly trying to sleep in the cat’s bed (apparently it’s better than her dog bed!), enjoying Bass Lake and playing with one of her new toys.

Jenny and Daren