Hello from my farm. This is Heidi although my name now is Ivy and I answer to it! I asked my mom to come in and write to you as I have no thumb. She says she never met you, Petra, but you must be nice because you helped get me out of the bad place. She says you and Kat cared about the oldies.

Well I thought I’d give you an update now that I have been here just over 2 months. It seems like I always lived here. This place is great although I AM on a diet and have lost a few pounds which is good for my arthritis. I didn’t have a REALLY bad limp when I came but now I run around and walk and play so much that I’m pretty limpy. But I get lots of supplements and laser treatment and now I’m getting acupuncture and swimming on a treadmill. I go out 2 times a day with my new sisters, Nugget and Timbre, and they run around like crazy after balls. Nugget is an old lab like me but boy can she run. I used to just hang out with my mom but 2 days ago I decided what the heck and I ran after a ball. Then I flopped on my back like I do and Timbre the Aussie stole my ball and then I decided what the heck I guess I’ll play and now I’m a ball chaser and a dog player just like when I was a puppy. We all sleep in a pile in the house when we’re done playing.

So things here are pretty great. I just wanted you to know. My mom says I am so entertaining the way I lie on my back and paddle in the air. All I want is to lie on her feet. I am a little whiny when she goes but it’s OK because I hang out with the other dogs. So I’m not very anxious anymore. We were glad to see that Gus had gotten a home, too. Let’s hear it for the old labbies.

My mom says to say thanks for getting the old dogs out. Love from Heidi/Ivy