Corky has been with us now 2 months as of the 17th of January. It feels like he has been here much longer as he is such a regular member of the household now!

He learns so quickly what I want him to do, and not do! He is known as my shadow, according to my wife Lujuana, and I cannot wait for summer so we can swim daily in that pool.

He still has a little issue with feeling abandoned when we are both gone during the day or evening, but now Corky realizes that we actually come back home to him each time!

We leave him in the house instead of out back and he never tears up anything, but does sneak into our bed and sleeps across the foot of it when we are not around! But how can I ever get upset with this boy??? Never!

He and our cat Pepper are best buds and play together daily. The Corkster, as we call him, gets two walks a day and groomed all the time by us.

We have a house full of people from time to time and he mingles with everyone. He is so easy going and everyone wants him!

On our walks, the kids all know and look for him, love him up and he is getting along well with other dogs along the walk too.

I am teaching him how to stay, and next working on getting him to be out front with me without walking away from the yard. I found a great training video that I am watching and will use it to help teach Corkster commands, since he is so very smart and savvy about so many things.

I am in love with Corky and so glad he is with us. He is healthy, happy, and loves being around us, our family, and our friends too. I have taken him to a few places with me, and soon he will meet another Lab in the spring where my friend has a huge backyard and pool so they can romp around together. Thank you Petra for bringing this fine boy into my life. My wife and I love this guy so very much and he is absolutely spoiled!