Cody here. My new adoptive family, Ron and Joyce Walker in Dixon, let me use their e-mail this morning so I wanted to send you an update on my progress!

First, we all want to thank everyone at the CCLRR for all you do for all of us, those that want to adopt us and for us looking for a home! Without your efforts I would not be here providing this update to you! Words just don’t seem enough! You all should be very proud of what you do!

Now on the update:

I was picked up on Monday and as you know I had a little case of the sniffles and an irritation in my eyes. I am doing much better thanks to the medicine and all the love I am getting here! In addition to Ron and Joyce I met their son Justin, their daughters Courtney and Candace, and my new sisters Tia, Ella and Coco. We are all getting along great!

Ron and I hang out a lot. Joyce and I went to Petco yesterday and got a life vest for me because we are all going out in the boat at the lake on Sunday. I have a new bed that I love and I get to ride around in the truck with them wherever they go. I am adjusting real well to my new home, have not had any accidents, am listening pretty well and am excited to get a chance to go to obedience class in the coming weeks. I get treats all the time for doing what I am supposed to do and gentle correction when I break any of the rules in the house..

They read the poem to me that is on the home page for CCLRR and it was very touching. I am very happy to let you know that they read it, they believe in it and because of that I want to let you know that they brought me home, they have allowed me to settle in and I brought out my baggage for all to see! They helped me to unpack all that was there, the loneliness, the heartache, the loss, the fear, the shame and yes, even the pain. Once we were done I asked where I might place my baggage for now in case I would need it in the coming weeks and they said, you cannot keep your baggage here for you will never need it again. They helped me to place the tattered and worn out baggage in the trash! They have seen my baggage and it has made them love me even more. No more days will I wonder and roam, I have truly found my permanent home!

Thanks again for all you do and everyone here says that we hope all is well with all of you at the CCLRR!