Dear friends and family of Bailey,

We meant to send you this picture of Bailey at Christmas! We wanted to let Sharon & Kat know that Bailey is doing super and we love her so very much! She has brought so much joy to our entire family and we are happy to announce she is now friends with our two kitties, Roxie and Moxie. That was a major accomplishment, but she is so passive with them now, still chases them around, but only when she is in the mood. Other times, they will walk right under her chin, between her legs or lay down beside her and play with her tail and Bailey doesn’t even flinch! It’s simply amazing, just took a little time and work but they get along great now.

We found early on that Bailey loves to run…and I mean run. John has worked hard to train Bailey to heal while on leash. Because we could tell she needed more exercise than we were capable of doing with just walking, John then worked many hours to train her to heal/run alongside him while he is riding his bike, with a leash of course. She respects the bike and John and heals and keeps up with his pace. We have a great neighborhood for bike riding, very little traffic and there is a park behind our block. John starts off the bike ride by letting Bailey run as fast as she wants and she takes off! If you didn’t know better, you’d think she was a horse she runs so fast. She slows down to a little trot, catches her breath and then wants to run some more. She now knows where the park is and once they get there, they roam around the park for a while before heading home. He tries to take her every day and I go with them on the weekends, but I can’t even keep up with them on my bike, she goes so fast. Her bike ride is one of the highlights of her day. We have also introduced Bailey to the treadmill, which we saw Caesar do on the Dog Whisperer. She walks really well on the treadmill too and we only use it occasionally when she cannot get her regular run. Needless to say, we feel Bailey has really gotten healthy since we first adopted her. Her little “sag” is still there, but it is considerably smaller than before and she is so very strong.

She no longer seems to have the extreme separation anxiety when we leave her home inside if we need to leave for a while. We leave things on the counter on purpose, do not pick up the garbage can anymore and come home to a clean house. So we feel she knows we will return and does not get anxious and into things like she did in the beginning. We can’t thank you enough for giving us the gift of our Bailey girl. We love her so much and continue to feel blessed that we were chosen to have her join our family. That day will always be a treasured gift to us and one we will never forget. When we think of the life she had before you saved her it breaks our heart. But we are so privileged to now be able to give her the life she deserves. Thank you again for choosing our family for Bailey!

We wanted to share an update on Bailey with all of you and encourage you to continue doing what you do to help so many dogs and families connect. You are a true blessing to our family and many others!

Take care and have a great year!
Carol & John and Bailey too!!!