Tollhouse Cookie
Yellow Female X, 3 years old, approximately 45 pounds
A true “from rags to riches story”

“Cookie” was spotted several times in the mountains near and below Shaver Lake off and on for about a year. She was spotted several times running across a 4-lane highway. In the heat of Summer and in the cold of Winter she tried to survive alone.

She had no home. Her life consisted of looking for something to eat and hiding from people who either shooed her away or threw things at her. Finally, during the heavy storms and more than average snow, she had to make her way down. It was freezing cold and she was skin and bones by this time. Food was scarce and she was giving up. She would hide wherever she could and come out only to find something to eat – someone kind spotted her and left some food out. She stayed in that area of Tollhouse. Lab Rescue was contacted and we set a trap. It didn’t take long for her to be caught due to the yummy food in the trap. Finally safe February 28th.

It was a long, slow process for an emaciated dog like Cookie to gain back to a healthy weight. It was also a long process for her to gain the trust of humans. Her foster worked with her daily to gain her trust. She had obviously never been in a home, nor treated with kindness or affection.

Fast forward- Tollhouse Cookie is in excellent shape now. She’s healthy, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and sassy. Little by little her confidence grew and she has blossomed into an affectionate dog who gets along with other dogs. She has learned that there are good people in this world who want her to have what every dog should have – a home, good food and the love of a human who treats her with gentle kindness. Cookie will probably always be a bit standoffish with new people. She is looking for someone who will take the time she needs to trust.

Cookie’s foster Mom is looking for a family that will give Cookie time to blossom in a new environment, and who will enjoy the rewards of seeing how much she can accomplish. Cookie is crate and house-trained and is about 2 years old. She gets along with dogs but would be fine as an only dog. She does have some drive to get those squirrels so we think a home without cats is best. If you would like to know more about Cookie,  please fill out an online application.