Tollhouse Cookie
Yellow Female X, 2 years old, approximately 45 pounds

Hey there nice people, Cookie here. What a long journey it was to get here. You see, I was on my own out in the mountains and foothills for so long that I did not trust any human to be kind to me. I was wandering around Tollhouse Rd and one day I got hungry enough to investigate a trap. Though I was terrified at the time, that ended up being my lucky day. Turns out, the trap was set by those nice folks at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, who heard I was wandering the hills, looking for food. They brought me to a place with a bed and tasty food, and to a real home with a foster family. Everything turned around for me, each new step I take is a joy to my foster family.

It took me a while to trust my foster family. I stayed in my crate for a few weeks, then finally I felt confident enough to join in with the family. Little by little, my confidence has grown, and I have blossomed into an affectionate family dog. I even learned how to play with my canine foster siblings! I now know that there are good people in this world, who will care for me and treat me with gentle kindness. Though I may never be the most outgoing social butterfly, I love my family and treasure every moment we spend together. If you are looking for a peaceful dog, with a grateful heart ready to love you forever, I am your girl!

Cookie is an easy girl to have around the house, she is very respectful and grateful. She is house trained, crate trained, friendly to other dogs of all sizes. She enjoys learning new things, being close to her humans and some gentle play with the dogs of the pack. Cats are unknown; however, she does not show prey drive. Cookie’s foster Mom is looking for a family that will give Cookie time to blossom in a new environment, and who will enjoy the rewards of seeing how much she can accomplish. If you are such a family, submit an online application for Cookie. If you already have an application on file, just reply to the volunteer who answered, with a request for Cookie, trust us, you will not be sorry.

It is a beautiful experience to witness a shy dog come into their own and develop their confidence. If you are patient, Cookie will return that patience with never-ending love and companionship, a true best friend for the ages.