Starla – Yellow Female, 1-ish years, 57 lbs.

Renewed hope, the warmth of home, love of family, and wishes that come true. That’s the story of Starla, the Philippine TV drama, and our Starla, found as a county stray who kept showing up on the road in traffic. Thankfully, someone finally caught her and delivered her to the Renewers of Hope, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, who gave Starla a second lease on life. Starla appears to be a backyard dog who was never allowed in the house or given any attention.

Starla has learned a lot at her foster’s house. She now stands by the door if she needs to go outside to take care of business. She is, however, an early riser and will whine in her crate when she needs to go. She’s learned to sit before meals but bounces like a kangaroo until told to sit. She is a slow eater but is motivated by treats which has aided in her training. She LOVES toys of all kinds, so much so that her foster has had to put away the toy boxes because Starla wanted every toy on the living room floor to play with. She gets along great with her foster brother; they play tug and chase every morning and evening and will even share a dog bed together.

Starla is a sweet and loving foster dog who has come from the countryside as a stray. She’s a good girl who adores cuddling and being close to her humans. Despite being a bit of a work in progress with her training, she’s learning commands and showing great promise. She will need a patient family that can match her HIGH energy level and is committed to continued training. Due to her high energy and bounciness, she wouldn’t be a fit in a home with small children or someone with balance issues. She hasn’t quite figured out how to control her hind end, in fact, she may not be aware it follows her everywhere. Starla is also surprisingly cat-savvy and gets along well with felines. However, she does have a sensitive side and can be easily spooked by loud noises, especially fireworks, so it’s best to keep her calm during these times. Overall, Starla is a gentle soul who would thrive in a quiet home with a loving family who can provide her with the attention and care she craves.

Starla is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She gets along well with dogs, and people after she warms up to you. She is a very sweet girl who is happy, loving and just wants to please and be loved. Please remember that at a year old, a Labrador is still in the puppy stage so a commitment to exercise and training will help Starla continue to learn manners and be the best family member she can be.

If you are interested in adopting Starla, please fill out an online adoption application.