Molly– The Cuddle Collection
1.5 Year Yellow Doodle Female, 40 lbs

Hi, I’m Molly. Do you need a hug? I know I do so if you come a little closer, I will stand up and put my head on your chest and we can both enjoy a hug! Do you have any idea the healing power of a hug? It makes the day brighter, life happier, and makes a warm feeling of peace from the tip of my tail to my nose. When I got rescued and my foster family started giving me hugs, my whole life changed for the better! Now, I am ready to share the power of hugs with a very special family of my own. Is that you?

So, a little about me and how a Hug saved me. You see, I was one of many homeless dogs living in the “wild” where no domestic dog should be. My golden colored doodle hair matted with foxtails and pulled painfully at my skin. As a lover not a fighter, food was limited and many a day my stomach rumbled with hunger and my body became emaciated. Then I was caught and taken, shivering with fear, to the local shelter I thought it was the end. But I would turn out to be one of the few lucky dogs as the shelter I was taken to works with rescues. And boy, they didn’t hesitate to bring in the big guns for me – none other than the Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno – and I was saved! It did take a lot of patience as I was very scared. Lots of gentle pets, plenty of food, and a few other dogs to let me know what to do. And then I got my first hug, and I became instantly addicted!

So now that I know the ropes, like my crate, using the doggy door, and playing with other four-legged pups, I am ready to find my own family that will give me lots of love and hugs. I’m still basically a puppy and haven’t had much opportunity for an adventure, but really the most important thing I need is to be with my family. Someone to take me for walks, teach me some tricks, and best of all, let me rest my head on their chest so I can hear their heartbeat while we have the best of all hugs! Is that you? Can we have an adventure together?

Molly is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Remember, young dogs like Molly can be a commitment of 15 or so years, and requires an upfront investment in training, and regular exercise. Additionally, Doodlish dogs like Molly require regular grooming to avoid painful matting. Molly is a hugger who gets along with people, kids, and other dogs. There is no cat in her foster home but with her sweet nature it is thought she might be able to live with a dog savvy cat. She is also house, crate and leash trained. She will require patience while she learns to trust you, but once given, you are her friend for life. If you would like to give Molly the home and love she is so looking for, please fill out an online adoption application.