Black Female, Age 2, 46 lbs. of fire

Let me introduce you to dog tag number 1915, Harley, as in we “Harley know how to describe her to make someone think wow, that is the dog I have been waiting for my whole life!” Normally, we let the dogs tell their stories but, well, Harley is special. She’s, um, high energy. She can be snarky with other animals and prefers all the attention. She’s easily bored, easily distracted. Squirrel? I should also mention high prey drive and what you and I might consider acceptable prey, well, try to explain that to Harley. You know the song lyrics “long-haired freaky people need not apply so I tucked my hair up under my hat and went inside to ask why”? Stuck in your head now? Sorry about that. Well, I’m here to tell you I’m changing them just for Harley to “lazy people just scroll on by, no need to apply. Meet the dog and you will shortly see why”. We’re the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno and were looking for a miracle – or some long haired freaky people, as long as they love dogs, to come and take the Harley Challenge.

To borrow a line from Home Alone – are you thirsty for more? I can tell you leaping buildings in a single bound is cool for super heroes, well, it’s not so cool in dogs that leap fences. Add agile and quick, and, well, are you ready for lots (and lots) of jogs and hikes to tire her out? Do you have any marathon aspirations? How about Fetch? Great way to exercise a dog but how’s your pitching arm? Maybe a pitching machine? Oh, and other animals such as cats, birds, and reptiles… do they look like lunch? Another dog? Wait, what? Queen Harley says you want to pet another dog when you have me here? With her bat ears flying in the wind while her feet fly over the pavement, she’s her own Comedy movie that we desperately want to have a happy ending.

So, to that end, on the plus side, Harley is spunky and sweet , friendly and fun loving, exuberant and full of energy, smart and quick to learn. She also is full of love she can’t wait to share. A true athlete with Olympic potential, she needs a good coach. On top of track and field, she has speed and agility and could be a gold medalist on an agility course or in Frisbee Golf. Do you need practice for coaching those second graders? Your skills will be perfected! And best of all – no need for a costly gym membership when she is a member of the family, she will keep your butt moving and off the couch! Win all around! So, are you a fit, or just fit, for Harley? Ready to write her happy ending?

Harley is a high-energy dog who is sweet, friendly and happy and gets along well with people. She is a jumper and will require a secure location when she is alone. She is house trained. She has a high prey drive and is best in a home without cats. She prefers to be the only dog in the house but with the right introductions may work with male dogs of a similar athletic ability. Due to her energy, she is best in a house without full time young children. If you would like to meet Harley and see if you are up to the Harley challenge, please fill out an online adoption application.