Goose – Yellow Male, 1 ½ years old, 70 lbs

Duck, duck, duck, duck, GOOSE!!!! Yup, that’s me – I am Goose and I love love love to play! I am a jolly young fella full of energy and fun and guess what?! I am looking for a forever family to love and play with foreeeever wahooo!!! Could it be you?

You may be wondering how a lovable hunk like me is looking for a home…I know I am! It is sort of a blur, I think I had a home but one day I found myself on the streets of downtown Fresno, then a shelter and some pretty lonely and scary days waiting and waiting for my family to claim me, but phew luckily for me LRRF stepped in to help me when no one showed up to spring me out of doggie jail. Onward and upward now! Life is great in my foster home, but it will be even better with my forever family!

Do you like to play games? Like games with balls? Or squeaky toys? Or ohhh yeah games with bones!? Well, if you wanna be my family you better be ready to play the day away! I am a young guy and the Labrador version of a little kid. I absolutely love to play toys, in fact, I am known to take every single toy out of my toy box, spread them out all over the floor, and then take turns playing with each and every one of them – it is sooooo fun! And chase! You have to play chase – you throw the ball and I get it and then you chase me to get it back, it is a Labrador classic! After I am tired out from playing, I am ready to cuddle and love on you. Betcha didn’t know that Labradors are really lap dogs! I mean playing is awesome, but nothing compares to a sweet snuggle with my favorite people.

Goose is a fun-loving, super sweet, absolutely adorable young fella! He has a wonderful temperament and gets along great with dogs of all sizes. We do not know if he is feline compatible, but due to his high energy, he would likely be best in a cat-free home. He is a high-energy dog and will need consistent daily exercise – good thing he loves to go on walks! Goose is crate-trained, knows several commands, and is working hard on completing his housetraining. Goose is a young dog that is likely experiencing the indoor life for the first time, so he still needs a bit of help getting used to the sights and sounds of home life – all of this is new to him. Like all young dogs, Goose will need a family who is committed to taking training classes with him to ensure a lifetime of good behavior. Remember, a young Labbie can be a 15+ year commitment! Goose has endless love and smiles to give his forever family – apply to adopt online today!