Chocolate Female, 6 years old, 123lbs

Well, hello there new friends! My name is Coco Chanel and it is a pleasure to meet you all! I am a sweet as chocolate big beautiful girl looking for my loving forever family, could it be you? How did a sweet girl like myself end up in rescue, you ask? Like so many pups, I was purchased from a breeder as a tiny young puppy, but tiny puppies don’t stay tiny for long and the more I grew, the less interested my family became in me and before long I found myself relegated to the backyard. I spent five long lonely years alone in that yard until finally someone recognized my poor quality of life and helped me get to those Defenders of Dogs at LRRF. It took me a bit to feel comfortable in my foster home. It was all so new – toys, beds, treats, I had no idea this sort of life was even a possibility for me! It had to be a dream! But it is not a dream, this is my life now! And now that I am settled in with my foster family, I never want to go back to that lonely yard ever again. So here I am, looking for my forever family to treasure and love forever.

Now, you should know that I am a total lover. I had no one to give my love to for so many years, it all stayed stored up in my heart, and finally I can let it out! I absolutely love to perch on your feet, lean in to you, and soak up all that love. My foster mom tells me I have a beautiful smile. I smile a lot these days – life is just so good! I love making you smile too 😊 I love playing fetch, hugging my people, and being close to my people. I am not a fan of a traditional collar (bad memories from my past life…) so I will need to use a martingale or harness for our walks. I am a very smart girl and I am already house trained and know several commands, such as sit, come, shake, leave it, wait, and a few others. I aim to please and put a smile on your face, and I pick up new skills quickly. If you are looking for a big soft & cuddly teddy bear dog, I am your girl!

Coco is just the sweetest girl with so much love to give. She is a big girl with a large labbie frame. Coco does need some help getting to a healthy weight, as it appears she had a continuous feeder bowl in her yard in her past life. She is getting used to eating regular meals and will need a family who will keep up a healthy meal routine for her. Coco will always be a very large dog though, due to her strong bone structure. Coco loves to hug and is an extremely affectionate and loving dog. She is all about her people, but also gets along well with other dogs of all sizes and is great with kids! Coco has not met a cat since coming into our rescue, so we are unsure of her feline compatibility, so probably best to avoid a cat sibling to be on the safe side. If you are looking for a Clifford-sized Labbie with a huge heart, apply online to adopt Coco!