Boone – Yellow Male X, 5 months old, 40 lbs.

Are you looking for some puppy love in your life? Well, look no further! My name is Boone – I am a puppy and I would love to love you forever!!! I am a fun-loving, goofy, silly, lovable Labbie mix pup and I am looking for my forever home! Life was not always so happy for me. I was found as a stray, covered with ticks and very lethargic. Luckily for me a very nice person found me and got me to those Defenders of Dogs at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno asap – phew! My foster mom takes such good care of me – she got all those horrible ticks off me and nursed me back to health, now she plays with me, teaches me tricks and new skills, feeds me, and most of all she loves me! She says now I am ready to join my forever family so she can help another pup in need. Could you be my forever family? Keep reading to find out!

Now let’s address the elephant (or should I say Labrador lol!) in the room…I am not 100% Labrador. My fur pattern is a little different and my right ear just will not flop down! But I am all Labrador on the inside! I don’t mean to brag, but I am very smart. Since I was rescued, I have learned potty-training, crate-training, and how to sit! I am a tender guy, and while I do love to wrestle and play, I also love to snuggle up with my people or my canine foster siblings. Personal space? What is that?? I love dogs of all sizes and would love to have a doggie sibling to pal around with in my forever home. I just finished up my puppy vaccines, so I am currently learning my leash skills on walks, and I am already getting the hang of it! Told ya I am smart! I love to chew on sticks from the backyard and for a pup, I am pretty calm. But I do get those signature puppy zoomies a couple times a day! After our adventure for the day is done, I am ready to melt into your lap for a long nap. I sure do love to cuddle!

Boone is an adorable pup with a wonderful personality. He loves dogs of all sizes and will likely be great with kids. He has not been exposed to a cat in his foster home, so his feline-friendliness is unknown. He is a young pup and like all puppies, he can be a 15+ year commitment and will need a family who is committed to taking him to training classes to ensure a lifetime of good behavior. Boone is a happy-go-lucky little guy who just wants a family to love and cherish. When you look into his eyes, his gentle and kind spirit shines through. If you want to make this special boy a member of your family forever, please apply online to adopt today!