Barney – Yellow Male, 3 years old, 100 lbs.

Seeking highly qualified Forever Family to provide lifetime of love to adorable Labrador. Generous compensation package of love, smiles, and companionship provided!

Hello new friends! Barney here! I have not always had the easiest life. I used to live with a family…well not exactly a family…some people bought me as a cute puppy, but after a short time and because I was acting like a normal puppy, I was relegated to their backyard kennel alone. Day and night. Being a “papered” dog didn’t do me a lot of good. I am officially ready to begin the application process to find my new Forever Family!

I am placing this advertisement to find one (1) super amazing Forever Family. The primary responsibilities of my Forever Family include the following:

<3 Snuggling with me daily. Lots of cuddling and petting. I am a very affectionate boy and love to give sloppy Labbie kisses. I love to curl up on a soft bed and take a nap.
<3 Walk me daily. I love to take a nice long stroll and watch the sun set, or watch the sun rise, well frankly, I love to walk no matter what time of day or what the weather is! My foster dad says I am getting much better on leash!
<3 Play with me often. I love to play fetch with tennis balls. Often, you don’t even need to play with me – just sit back and watch my goofy antics with those tennis balls…I have been known to bring my people to tears with laughter. I am a born entertainer!
<3 Feed me. A lot. Duh. I am a Labrador – we live for mealtime! Prefer candidates who provide treats every now and again as well.
<3 Provide me with proper veterinary care, trim my nails, brush my fur, etc. I am a very smart boy, but I have not mastered tending to my own personal hygiene yet. Also, you should know that I do take daily medication for seizures. But don’t worry, these medicines are inexpensive and keep me in tip-top shape!
<3 And last, but certainly not least, love me forever and forever!!!

Qualified candidates should be prepared to smile A LOT. My foster dad says I am simply a goofy joy to be around. The ideal candidate might have another dog; – my current foster has a little dog named Tito-the Enforcer and another lab. I have not met a cat yet, so I am just not sure how I feel about them.

Compensation and Benefits: I provide a generous compensation package, including the following:

<3 House-manners. I am already housetrained!
<3 Happy-go-lucky temperament. Though I enjoy playing and running, I love to lounge with you. As long as I am with my people, I am a happy boy!
<3 Companionship. As long as you have me in your life, you will never be lonely. I am an excellent listener and will always be there for you. I will celebrate your victories and comfort you during those rough patches. Through the good times and the bad, I will never leave your side!
<3 Smiles and laughs. Us Labbies can be pretty goofy…my silly antics and fun-loving spirit are sure to make you smile!
<3 Love and devotion. I weigh 100 lbs., but my heart is bigger than you can imagine! Once you become my Forever Family, you will receive my never-ending love <3

Barney is an incredibly resilient Labrador who is full of love and is ready to devote himself to his forever family. His loving spirit shines through constantly and warms your heart. This sweet boy has come such a long way and gets more comfortable and confident every day. Barney has been under socialized because his “family” chose to ignore him most of his short life so he has a lot to make up for. He has become much more social and is doing well with the fosters dogs. He needs continued socialization and a dog savvy family who will continue his training. Because he was bored while stuck in a cage, all he could do to pass the time was, well, eat. With no exercise he became too heavy, so he is on a doggie diet until he’s at a healthy weight. He is great with people but because of his size, older children are best. We do not know about cats. This loving Labrador is happiest when he is cuddled up next to you. Do you have room in your heart and home to make Barney a member of your family? Apply to meet Barney today.