Abby – Cream Female, 9 months, 40 lbs.

Hello there! My name is Abby. I am only 9 months old and still just a puppy! I know I don’t look too much like a lab, and well, it’s because I’m not… kind of. I’m a labradoodle; half lab, half poodle. I have the personality of a lab but all the benefits of my poodley good looks. I think I shed less than other pets (but due to fickle genetics, this cannot be guaranteed).

I learn quickly. I already know how to sit and properly greet new people with a firm handshake. In my foster family, I have two older brothers, and get along with them great! I’m also good with kids, and with some training, I could be a great family dog.

I am working on my crate training. The first few nights I got a little anxious in my crate but I am learning it is a place of safety and peace. I also have been slowly but surely becoming house-trained! I have had a few accidents but I am getting better each day. I have only been in my foster home for 1 week so far so I’m sure I will get the hang of things!

Overall, I am a soft and sweet girl. My foster family says I have a lot of energy and get excited when I see people I like. I always greet my foster parents in the morning by turning circles and patting the ground with my paws. My foster family says I do the cutest “tippy tappys” with my paws when I am excited. As you can tell, I’m very paw-focused and like to use them to interact with the world around me. I like to play with toys and I love hugs, I am so excited to go to my forever home and meet my new family!

Abby is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. Like all young dogs, she is still puppy-like and will require training, patience, regular exercise, and love to reach her full potential. Additionally, Doodles require regular grooming, but it does make them extra cute! So, if you would like to adopt Abby, please fill out an online adoption application.