Zayda – Black Female, 3-4 years old, 55 lbs

“Be silly, be energetic, be selfless, be resilient, be compassionate, be forgiving, be loyal, be lovely. Be Doglike.”

My name is Zayda and I am silly, energetic, selfless, resilient, compassionate, forgiving, loyal, and lovely! A true dog through and through! Though I have faced some pretty tough obstacles in my short time on this earth, I have not let anything get me down! I don’t like to talk about my past very much, but I ended up in the shelter with a shattered front left leg that was left untreated. Thank goodness, the shelter reached out to those angels at LRRF and got me the second chance I desperately needed. Unfortunately, my leg sat untreated for too long and the doctors were unable to save it. But that is ok, really! I am now a happy tripod and I am not at all bothered by it! I just keep on wagging my tail and keep hoping that my forever family will find me!

I am a happy-go-lucky girl who loves my people. There is nothing better than hanging out with you no matter what you are doing! I am a true companion animal and am happiest as long as I am with you. I am super sweet and love to gently nibble treats out of your hand. I play fetch, but you have to play too – I think it is much more fun for you to chase me after I get the ball, so you better lace up those running shoes! I may only have 3 legs, but I can still run and frolic with the best of them! I am housetrained and crate-trained, but I easily settle down on my doggie bed too. I get along with other dogs and have a lot of confidence – I do not like to share my food with them. Mostly, I just love my people and really want to find a special family to love forever.

Zayda is a very sweet and affectionate girl with so much love to give. Despite the pain she endured with her leg injury and subsequent amputation, she has never been anything but kind and loving with the people around her. Zayda is not affected by the loss of her leg at all. She runs, jumps, and plays just like a 4-legged dog, and will need regular exercise and training to be the best she can be. Her tripod status doesn’t slow her down one bit but keeping an ideal weight will be important as she gets older. She would enjoy an active family with older children in the home. There are no small dogs or cats in the foster home, so we are not sure how she would be with them. Zayda deserves the very best and if you would like to make this special girl a member of your family forever, please apply online today to adopt!