Whiskey Pete – Black Male X,  1 ½ years old, 56lbs

Whiskey Pete is the name and having fun is my game! If you are looking for a goofy, fun-loving, always-up-for-playing-fetch, adventure buddy, oversized lap dog – look no further, I am your pup! Yeah I had my tough days (being a stray is not very fun), but I don’t let it get me down. After all, life is amazing now! I live with my super awesome foster mom and she tells me I am ready to find a forever family, how cool is that?! I can’t wait to have a special family that is mine to keep forever. You guys are in for lots of smiles and laughter with me!

I am a classic goofy, mischievous, energetic young Labrador. I LOVE to play! I love chew toys, snuggle toys, squeaky toys, balls, sticks…I mean if you can play with it, I love it! I have even been known to roll out the toilet paper on occasion (it is just so irresistible, hanging like that, just waiting to be pulled on!). One of my favorite games is fetch and chase, you know, the game where you throw the ball, I fetch it, and then you chase me to get the ball back – it is the best! I also love getting those delicious treats when I learn new tricks. I am always hungry and eager to learn new commands and tricks, as I desperately want to please you and make you smile! When the playing is done, I love to hop up on your lap for a cuddle and a few sloppy pup kisses. Some may say I am a bit big for a lap dog, but I say I am the perfect size!

Whiskey Pete is an adorable young dog with a heart of gold. His fun-loving mischievous energy is infectious and you cannot help but laugh out loud at his goofy antics. He is a social boy and a friend to all (except rabbits…he really likes to chase those) and due to this, he is likely not a friend to felines either. He is good with dogs, although rough and tumble. Like most young Labradors, Whiskey Pete is high energy, and he will need a family who is committed to giving him daily exercise and attending training classes with him to ensure a lifetime of good behavior.

Whiskey Pete is eager to please and highly treat-motivated, and he will thrive in training classes. He is already house-trained and crate-trained, but he is very curious and like a toddler, he likes to explore his world with his mouth, so he will need his human to show him what is ok to chew and what is off-limits. He is a smart boy though and wants to please his people more than anything. Whiskey Pete is full of personality & love and he can’t wait to find an active family to share a lifetime of adventures together. If you want to make Whiskey Pete a member of your family, apply online today!