Westley — Yellow Male X, approximately 2 years old, 60 lbs.

If Westley were to speak for himself, he would want you to know that he loves people and is happiest in the company of people, though he also gets along well with dogs of all sizes and cats too! Westley would also like you to know that, while he has energy like any 2 year old lab, he also loves lounging and is such a good lounger that his foster mom can work from home for hours while he’s in the room.

Westley came to LRRF from the Kern County Shelter. Westley was brought to the shelter with a fractured leg, likely from being hit by a car. We believe that Westley’s original owner left Westley outside much of the time and failed to ensure he didn’t escape his yard.

Westley has been cared for by his current foster family while his leg healed. His foster family has five dogs — one lab and four little dogs, two cats, and three adult humans. After six weeks, X-rays show that Westley’s leg has fully healed and his cast was removed.

Since Westley didn’t want to boast about his many wonderful traits, his foster mom will share what he’s like. First, Westley has the sweetest, kindest nature anyone could hope for. Not only does he love all people, get along with dogs of all sizes, and cats as well, he does not get upset or react negatively to anything thrown at him (and in a house with five dogs, two cats, and three humans, there’s a lot going on). He is not food or toy aggressive. When one of the older little dogs acts grumpy, Westley is unfazed. When the older lab in his foster home gives a signal that he wants to be left alone, Westley backs away.

While Westley gets along with dogs of all sizes, as a large younger dog who enjoys energetic play, Westley would do best with a similarly young larger playful dog if he’s adopted by someone with dogs. Like any lab, Westley does have his more hyperactive moments. However, he is easily redirected by providing a toy or strong chew toy. Once the moment passes (which it does after a few minutes), Westley returns to his love of lounging and hanging out. Because Westley’s cast was only recently removed, he has not engaged in vigorous exercise. However, he has enjoyed and done well during neighborhood walks on a leash.

Westley sleeps in his foster mom’s bedroom, alternating between his dog bed and, on occasion, her bed. Westley has a strong preference to be around people and, once his foster mom let him sleep in her bedroom where he could see her, he became the perfect sleeper. Westley’s ideal adoptive home would include a person or people who love to spend time with him.

Westley is potty trained, though his adoptive family will want to pay attention to his routine and make sure he is able to go outside to go to the bathroom when he first gets up in the morning and other regular intervals. Westley behaves well in the house and has not been destructive. However, like a typical younger lab, Westley does have a strong chew drive and, on occasion, gets confused about what counts as a dog toy and what is a decorative item. As long as you pay attention and provide Westley with suitable dog toys and a large Nylabone, your objet d’art will be safe.

If you think Westley is as perfect as we do and would like to make him part of your family, please fill out an online adoption application.