We Have Puppies!

Lake – Boy; Brook – Girl; Ripple – Boy
Stream – Girl; Pebbles – Girl; River – Boy

Age: 3 Months

Puppy Power!  Hi Friends and Family of the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  I’m Pebbles and I am here to represent my 5 brothers and sisters because, frankly, I’m the cutest, smartest, bestest one!  Ok, not really, but hey, I’m the attention hog.   Back to business – yep, the Defenders of Dogs have puppies and are looking for a perfect home for each one of us!  Oh, did I mention puppy breath and super cute ears?  Are you the one we are looking for?

I have to tell you my brothers and sisters are some lucky pups!  Our new friends in rescue wanted me to tell you to help get the word out about rehoming dogs.  You see, they found us listed on CraigsList!  Did you know some dogs listed here end up with some very cruel people?!  Oh, they don’t look bad, they try to sweet talk you, send someone in a suit, but they have other, evil plans!  It makes me shiver at the thought it could have happened to us – that we could have ended up as bait dogs!  Even if we lived, we would be scarred, inside and out, forever!  A dogs worst nightmare! It’s also near Halloween and there are bad people that do evil things with black animals!  I know, right?  Who knew!  And still yet, someone gets a puppy who isn’t prepared, and we end up living in a backyard, producing yet more puppies!  Please let all your friends know – if you have an accidental litter of puppies, get professional help like the Defenders of Dogs!  They make sure we get spayed, neutered, our shots, microchipped and that we go to a good home.  Also remember, there are so many dogs and cats without homes – the rescues get overwhelmed.  Help the rescues keep up – do your part and spay and neuter your pets!  From me, Pebbles, my siblings, my rescue family, we thank you for your support from the bottom of our heart!  Only together can we ensure all dogs have a home!

We have 6 puppies at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno that need forever homes.  Remember, puppies are part of the family and more than a decade commitment.  While they are being potty trained, they will need training, regular exercise and plenty of love to be the perfect family pet.  If you are interested in adoption on of these adorable pups, please fill out an online adoption application.

Please review the FAQ at our website about the adoption process.