Ages: 1 year approximate
Weight: 104 lbs and 100 lbs
Male Fox Red mix
Bonded Brothers

You might remember us as part of the Highway Men, young super stars blazing a trail in country music. We are good ole’ country boys looking for a good place to sing our songs and enjoy our fans and supporters.

Waylon and Willie are a pair unlike any we’ve seen! These gentle giants are a mixed breed of who knows what? But they are gentle, and sweet, carefree and happy, and love to relax and enjoy the good life. They may be honorary Labradors but they have huge hearts made out of gold.

Waylon is the more easy-going laid-back fellow. He does like to “wail” and be a little more vocal but overall is calm and mellow.

Willie is a little more on the goofy side, he’s playful and curious, more easily gets into trouble, thinks counter surfing is a great hobby and has shown a little more enthusiasm for meeting the kitties. But he too is gentle and sweet as can be.

They seem to be pretty easy keepers as long as you have a large party bus for their needs! These artists will need a big bus just to carry their treats and beds! These boys are large framed and young and likely will continue to grow and fill out. These will be very large dogs at maturity.

The boys are cat curious, but gentle – good with dogs of all sizes and love people! They haven’t really ever met a leash they liked, but like many musical artists they are a bit free spirited. Car rides also make them a little nervous but with time and patience they will become more accustomed.

These boys were brought in as strays to a local shelter begging for help and no doubt saving these fellas was a wonderful decision.

They are gentle and mellow big-hearted boys that need a nice home and yard to romp in, and a soft bed to stretch their long legs out on as they sleep inside each night. They are learning to enjoy the finer things in life like air conditioning and comfy beds. They aren’t complaining!

If you would like to apply for them, please fill out an adoption application.