Tugboat (Tug) – Yellow Male X, 3ish years, 60 lbs.

Ahoy there Matie! My name is Tugboat and I’m in need of a skipper!  I’ve faced some treacherous waters in the past, but the wonderful folks from LRRF came to my rescue and now it’s blue skies and sunshine!  With the help of a strong captain, I will be able to navigate through my new life with ease.  In exchange for your leadership and love, I will give love, affection and my never-ending devotion in return.

But seriously, as a Labrador named Tugboat you probably assume that I love the water; truth is I’m a bit afraid of the water right now.  But I do quite well on dry land.  I would love an active life of walking, running, hiking and playing outdoors.  After enjoying such fun-filled activities, I like to come into the house and lay in a nice quiet spot near my people.  I do still need some supervision while in the house, as my height makes counter surfing just too tempting.  😀

I am trying to overcome my fear of water and hoses a little at a time; we’ve recently started with baths and I’m learning that these aren’t so bad after all.  I’m not the biggest fan of these hot summers, so my foster mom thinks in time I may learn to really like the water.

Other key factors about Tugboat:

  • OK with larger children – 8-ish and up.
  • Walks well on a leash and behaves well in the house.
  • Rides well in the car once you get him in, but getting in takes a bit of convincing.
  • Gets along well with most other dogs with proper introductions.
  • 2 years old. He needs to eat like a teenager.  He is about 20 lbs underweight.
  • He is a cuddlebug who loves attention and is very affectionate in return.
  • No exposure to cats, but probably no cats is best.
  • He enjoys playing with squeaky toys and playing fetch.

The ideal home for Tugboat would be with an active family/couple with room to stretch his legs. Someone that will give him a little time and patience and will include him in their family activities. Although he may have had a rough start, we know Tugboat just wants to please, looks for direction and wants to be part of his first real family.

If you would like to know more about Tugboat, please fill out an online adoption application.