Trapper – Yellow Male, 2.5 years, 80 lbs.

Hi new friends! My name is Trapper and I am looking for my forever home! Could it be with you?

Here’s a just a few great things about me:

  • I am super handsome obviously, and I am the sensitive type.
  • I am crate trained; I just don’t happen to like it.
  • I LOVE water
  • I love to eat – ha ha
  • I am gentle when you give me a treat
  • My favorite treats are watermelon, peaches, apples, strawberries and bananas. I can hear someone bite into an apple a mile away.
  • I like toys like Kongs to chew on but also love soft fluffy stuffies to snuggle with and roll on my back with them.
  • I like other doggies – with proper butt sniffing, and have gone to play groups often – it’s so much fun.
  • I am house trained of course. I even know how to ring a bell to let you know I need out.
  • I give great kisses and love affection from my people.
  • I love to go for car rides, especially if you are taking me to a fun place like a lake!

The not-so-great things about me:

  • I don’t like delivery people delivering stuff.
  • I am wary of new people at first, but after a little while, they are my friends.
  • I can be reactive on leash. After I bond with my people, I tend to want to protect them. I am truthfully a loving fella; I just would prefer not to have to be put through the stress of being on leash to do so too often.
  • I don’t like to be alone a lot and would prefer someone around more often than not.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Trapper is looking for a new home. Trapper is a very handsome yellow male, who does have some struggles. He can be leash reactive and he doesn’t like people on the other side of the fence that he cannot see. His struggles tend to be situational. Trapper would prefer a fenced country type setting where he can be away from a busy road and people/dogs walking close by. He would not mind a dog buddy. He can sometimes be reactional to cats, so a home without cats is best. Trapper was not in a home with children so teenage to adult is best.

Trapper will require a dog savvy, experienced handler who will continue his training in possibly a more rural setting where he will not be constantly triggered by the coming and going of unknown people, delivery and other dogs he does not know. He is an affectionate attentive boy who loves his people, loves water, car rides and his fruit treats. He sleeps on his doggie bed at night and is house-trained. Trapper is looking for just the right home where he can be happy and thrive.

If you would like to find out more about Trapper, please read the entire bio about him and then fill out an online adoption application.