Tiny – Yellow Male X, 12 weeks, 35 lbs

I hear it was Labrador Day out there in the people world! Well, I’m here to tell you these people they call ‘Fosters’ deserve a Labrador Day! They’ve saved so many dogs and puppies like me I don’t have enough toes or tennis balls to count them!

Hi my name is Tiny and I luckily found myself at one of these ‘Foster Homes’ and I love it here! There’s a huge green yard where the humans play fetch with me! We go in the kitchen thing and guess what? There’s really good food in there! I have met lots of friends here, all kinds, big ones and little ones and ones that hiss and whack their paws at me! But I’m pretty smart and realized I should probably not bother that hissing thing!

There was a really nice friend here named Simone but these foster people found her a super cool new home and supposedly they’re  looking for one for me too! I hope they pick a home that will give me lots of those treat things when I sit like these people do!

My foster family is looking for my forever home now. I’ll be ready to go home pretty soon but for now I’m going to keep working on this ‘potty training’ thing and playing fetch with my foster family. They say I’m a medium as far as my energy level and a fabulous puppy, I hope I get one of those forever home things soon.

If you’re interested in adopting Tiny, please fill out an online application.