Teddy – The Teddy Dog Collection
Chocolate Male, 1 Year, 56 lbs

So, did your Valentine get you anything? How about Chocolates? A Teddy Bear? What, if I told you that you can get two for one, calorie free, love, snuggles and kisses included? That’s right! My name is Teddy, as in Teddy Bear, I am on the hunt to be someone’s late Valentine. The kind of Valentine that keeps on giving – years of warm hugs and loyalty. Will you be mine?

I am yet another mystery in the world of Dog Rescue. The Defenders of Dogs, the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, can’t explain why I am not a beloved pet in someone’s home. I was found, badly matted and neglected, wandering alone. After a couple weeks when no one came looking for me, my new friends promised me they would find me a family that would be as loyal and loving as me.

Foster mom will tell you I am a really good boy in the house and my energy jumps up when we head outside for play! I enjoy dog toys, Frisbees, balls, like any Labrador. I play well with dogs, all shapes and sizes, yet in the house, I am happy to sit at your feet and get cuddled. I am still very worried that all of this goodness will go away, so please, be patient and reassure me – I don’t want another broken heart you see. I am learning the crate but don’t like it much if you aren’t in the room. How can I check on you if I am in a crate? I can be trusted to respect the house, but am known to counter surf now and again so best not leave anything out! Oh, and I am still young and require training – but I do love to please so we should do great! One more thing, when you own a Teddy Bear – be ready for regular grooming. It takes effort to be this handsome you see! Looking forward to meeting you my now and forever Valentine. I am ready to begin my brand-new life!

Teddy is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. As a young dog, Teddy requires patience and gentle training and regular exercise to reach his full potential. As a doodle type of a dog, his fur will require regular grooming and brushing. He is good with dogs of all shapes and sizes and good with kids. He would be happiest in a home where people are home more often than not. There are no cats at his foster home so it is unknown how he will do with cats. If you would like to give Teddy the home and love he is so looking for, please fill out an online adoption application.