Sparkles – Yellow Female, 20 months, 80 lbs

Our faithful fans, loyal adopters, and enthusiastic Lab Lovers… this is a unique time in rescue, where we have an abundance of wonderful families seeking to adopt and a limited supply of rescue dogs in our program. 

Please be patient with our volunteers, as they are answering a volume of applications on each new dog, and our process does not prioritize “first come”, but what is in the best interest of the dog. 

Meet Sparkles, a highly energetic young female purebred Labrador.  Sparkles has a story we have sadly heard too often.  She was bought with good intention as a cute puppy about 16 months ago from a backyard breeder.  Little did the family know they were buying a puppy with entropion eyes, a genetic birth defect that creates a painful condition of the eyelids turning inward causing pain, vision impairment, and squinting.  Due to the financial costs the family was unable to give her the surgery that can so simply correct this, so sadly she has suffered and squinted and struggled with her eyes probably since a very young age.

Fast forward a year and a half later, and Sparkles has been a back yard dog, has zero leash skills, is excited and aroused by every encounter outside the four walls of her backyard prison, has not been house trained, and is over the top excited by the prospect of any interaction with people.  For a dog that has lived the loneliness of being an “outdoor dog” and never allowed to come inside and be part of the family, she has spent a year and half watching from a lonely patio window door staring in at the life she wishes she had. She was given indoor sleeping arrangements in a kitchen crate, but never otherwise given any time to develop appropriate social manners as an inside dog. 

When we met Sparkles, she was excited beyond control, to the point that she actually appeared to be a vicious dog lunging, barking, growling, and heaving her 80 pound body towards every living thing in her compromised vision.  Who knows how much her squinty eyed vision caused the reaction, or just pure frustration in not being allowed to grow up in a social environment, or maybe she was never taught how to meet another dog?  Hard to know but suffice it to say she is a “diamond in the ruff,” like the name Sparkles would imply.

Sparkles is available for an experienced family who has the willingness to take a young, large, powerful dog into their family and will seek out a trainer to ensure this is a lifelong placement.  Sparkles is not a “beginning family dog,” she will require a lot of patience and work.  There’s just no easy way to say this, but she is an exuberant dog that has some extra gears in her body and brain that need a Labrador savvy household that can manage a big girl with a lot of energy.  

Like any diamond that sparkles, it first comes from a rough uncut, unshapen stone, and requires polish and precise skill and training to turn it into a sparkling beautiful precious gem.  Sparkles matches this description as well; she is rough and uncut and needs a special family that will manage her energy constructively and be willing to work with a dog that is leash reactive.

What else do we know about Sparkles:  crate trained; house training in progress; seems neutral around felines, had them in her last home as well;  raised with a small child, but is so big and powerful, caution should be used; is extremely strong on a leash, and is reactive towards seeing other dogs out on walks or going to the veterinarian; is loving and sweet and just desperately needs a family to make her part of their pack.

If you would like to apply, please know that there will be many applications to possibly read and review, and we are looking for a unique placement for a dog that can only be described as extra special.  Visit our site and submit an application at  If you recently have applied, please do not submit a new application, instead simply reply to the person who answered your application and ask them to forward your application for Sparkles.