Skye – Our Scottish Collection
Chocolate Female Labrador, 65 lbs., Age 4.5 Years

Do you have family? Do you have a warm, safe place to call home? Aren’t they the most precious thing in the whole, wide world?  Up until a few weeks ago I never knew those things existed.  My life revolved around a small kennel, having babies, loving babies, then someone taking them away.  That was my whole world.  Then one day, the angels came and my whole world changed.  They actually let me go in a home!  Amazing!  The beds are sooo soft, the air so warm and clean, I finally feel safe and am getting my first real sleep in my whole life!  Best yet, my new friends have shown me what it means to be in a family.  The love, the caring, it’s so much more than I can put into words.  Best yet, my Guardian Angel has promised to find me a family of my very own, to love, now and forever!  I am one lucky girl!  Can that be you?

I will tell you that life as a breeder dog, when your owners consider you an object, valued only by the dollars you earn, rather seeing you as a being that gives and deserves happiness, is very bleak, lonely, and sad.  I had babies, loved them, but too often they were gone too soon.  After a while, I just get so tired I didn’t know how I would go on. But don’t cry for me – I am one of the lucky ones!  I came into the care of the Defenders of Dogs and by their angels I am being given a brand new life!  Thanks to people like you that adopt and don’t support unethical breeding, I am being given a second chance to have my best life I never even knew existed and I so want to share it with you!  Will you be the family for me?

My ideal family will understand that I have had many long years of being alone to make up for and just want to be with people who love me!  And as I learn this brand-new world, I like to turn to my fellow canines for clues.  Also, I never ever take love for granted!  People, dogs, cats, I’ve stored up so much love I have plenty to share!  I have quickly learned to walk on a leash – it’s a great way to keep my human close.  I am learning that when I do a trick I get a treat and that is pretty cool (but don’t tell, I would do the trick anyway just to make you smile.) After never having lived in a home, I treasure every moment I am in and I won’t spoil it with an accident, I promise!  Also please, I would prefer no kennel, I have spent too many years there!  Really, I am a good girl, I just need tender loving care and if you have a dog or two, that would be pretty nice, I share!  Just give me a chance and together we will begin a journey, me becoming the Labrador I was always meant to be.

Skye is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  She is a mellow (for a lab) girl who has never had a home of her own.  Despite this, she loves people and in testing has done well with kids, dogs and cats.  She is house trained and would do best in a household where someone is home more often and with another furry companion.  If you would like to give this beautiful girl the home she has been denied, please submit an online adoption application.