Simone – Black Female X, 2 years, 50 lbs.

Crap, where do I start, it was right before Christmas! Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno found me, I was a mess, I had just whelped my litter, I don’t know where my puppies are. I was skin and bones, full of milk, what else, forgot, I was limping.  X-rays showed an old elbow dislocation that didn’t heal well. I’ve been on anti-inflammatory meds, I’m still limping but it doesn’t bother me much.

A nice lady picked me up and took me to the vet, then some guy, who proudly told me he is the manager trainee at the place we are heading, picked me up, and we landed in the foothills. Big yard, two dogs to play with and two people that pay attention to me. I hadn’t been in a house much, I scored, I’m sleeping inside, all night in my own crate, I’m glad to be done with this winter cold at night. The CEO of this place can’t believe how mellow I am, she’s not real pleased with me kicking back on the couch, I’m just doing what the other two dogs are doing. I learn really quick, I’m house broken and lay down with my two new buds and wait for the two humans to eat, because I know I get a treat when they’re done. I hadn’t been around cats before, they just lay around all day, when I first got here, if they ran, I chased them, then the CEO would yell at me, found out really quick, that that wasn’t cool. They tell me that their two cats are dog savvy, now I just ignore them, and everything is cool.

I’m glad that I have two buds to play with, I’m really chill around them, I’d be good with or without other dogs. I just need a little training and I’d be the perfect young lady. I don’t bark much and love to just be around my new people and two dog buds. I ride in the truck well and jump right in. Looking back, I’ve come a long way already, the folks here can’t believe how good I act after all I’ve been through. Because of my elbow, I need to be in a laid-back family, I wouldn’t be a good jogging partner, or one that likes to bike or hike. But you would be amazed at how good I get around. I know the perfect family is just an application away.

Sweet Simone is looking for her forever family. She has a mellow temperament and just wants to be with her people. For whatever horrific experience she had in her previous life – she holds no grudges and just wants love – we have much to learn from dogs. Simone’s elbow was dislocated long ago and obviously no one thought to help her at that time. The veterinarian said there was nothing that could be done at this late stage and recommended no surgery. Simone gets around just fine. She runs and plays with her doggie friends and is a happy girl. She is house and crate trained, dog friendly and could get along with a dog savvy cat with proper introduction. There are no children in this foster home.

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