Sable– The Luxury Collection
Black/Silver Female, 7 Months, 60 lbs

Do you love soft, luxurious, fur coats, but never wanted to hurt an animal to get one?  Well, today is your lucky day!  You can have a luxurious fur coated dog to pet and snuggle, and best yet, not only will it not hurt an animal, it will save one!  By adopting me, you will have that beautiful fur to look at every day, knowing not only did you give me a home, but by adopting, you make room for another lucky dog to get saved!  Win, Win!  And if that weren’t enough, I promise if you give me a loving home, it won’t take long before you wonder who saved whom because I have so much love, happiness, and life to give! What are you waiting for?

I have a tale that is on repeat it seems.  I was someone’s joy, someone’s beautiful baby, but they didn’t think it through and I ended up in a shelter that euthanizes. My so-called “owner” knew I was there! They were supposed to come and get me, but they flaked and left me.  I was one of the seriously lucky ones because my leaving the shelter freed up a space for another poor soul.  But the defenders of dogs, The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, found me,  stepped in and saved me when no one else did and here I am.  A perfectly awesome dog who, through no fault of my own, finds herself needing a home.  Could you be the one?  I am ready to switch my tale to a wagging tail of happily ever after!

Foster mom will tell you I am a really good girl, who loves everyone.  I get along with dogs and cats and leave the horses alone on the farm.  I love hiking in the woods and splashing in the creek.   I also love my toys, but no one has ever taught me to share – but I am learning I need to do that.  I am quiet but bark if there is a reason too. I am crate trained, leash trained, come when called and ready to learn so much more!  I do love to be with people, I’m still new to this whole family thing and don’t want it taken away again!  Really, I am about as perfect a puppy as you will ever find, complete with a Luxury Fur Coat!  Please, will you give me a home?

Sable is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  As a puppy, she is a sweet girl just waiting for the perfect family to invest the time into her training to make her the perfect companion.  She is good with dogs of all shapes and sizes, cats and ignores the farm animals.  She loves to be around people and would be a good walking, hiking and jogging buddy.  Remember, a young dog is a decade plus commitment to regular exercise and care, but the rewards a good family dog will bring are priceless.  If you would like to give Sable the home and love she is so looking for, please fill out an online adoption application.