Russell – The Teddy Puppy Collection
Cream Male, 4.5 Month, 35 lbs

Hi! I’m Russell – named for my hero Russell from the movie Up. Did you see it? Russell wants to earn his Eagle Scout and he only has one badge left – to help someone – and he chooses Carl. Carl is a sad and lonesome man and Russell, through his kindness, dedication, and affection, gives Carl a whole new life! How cool is that! I want to earn my Puppy Badge just like my hero. I want to turn your frown upside down and make you happy, so I can be a bona fide Family Dog! Won’t you adopt me and make my dreams come true?

No one understands why so many puppies are ending up on the streets. The shelters are jam-packed with puppies of all sorts of breeds. I personally was found starving, underweight, and wandering alone in the country. A very kind family found me, and when no one came forward to claim me, turned to some amazing people who do all that they can to save as many of us as they can. I know them as the Defenders of Dogs, but you might know them by their human name of The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. They sent me to my amazing foster home and under their care I have doubled my weight. Soon, I will be all set and ready for my forever home and I can’t wait!

Remember, I am a puppy, and a Doodle-type puppy at that, so I am looking for a family that will love my bouncy, fluffy, puppy love self. I have learned the crate and am fast learning potty training. As I am young, I look to my family to teach me who are my friends and I am sure I will love anyone you love- dogs and people! I do have to tell you, after starving, I do eat the most inappropriate things, so I need some supervision like all babies do! I hope to find someone who is home most of the time or can take me with them on their adventures. I also have the most beautiful cream-colored hair which will require some grooming. Beyond that, some training, some love, regular exercise, and I promise I will be the best, most Loyal, Family Dog Ever and earn my Puppy Badge like my hero Russell. Please? I am waiting for you! Love and Kisses, Russell.

Russell is available for adoption from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. As a puppy, Russell requires patience, training, and regular exercise to reach his full potential. As a doodle type of a dog, his hair will require commitment to regular grooming and brushing to keep him handsome. He is good with dogs of all shapes and sizes, but still has his puppy teeth so will need a puppy tolerant dog. Russell does have a sensitive stomach and may require a special diet. If you would like to give Russell the home and love he is so deserving of, please fill out an online adoption application.