Rumor – White Female, Great Pyrenees, 2-3 years, 95 lbs

Beautiful Rumor came to lab rescue by way of the Madera animal shelter. When her people did not pick her up, we stepped in to help. This gorgeous girl is now looking for her forever family. Here is what her foster mama says about Rumor.

Rumor is great in the car, likes to stick her head out the window
She loves the baby pools!
She’s housebroken
Rumor gets excited when she sees the leash and loves to go for walks.  She likes to stop and sniff everything.  She is super easy to walk on a harness.
She’s a snuggler, a spooner, and will try to get as close as she can to her humans
She is cautious meeting new people, but quickly adjusts to them and will remember them fondly on the next greeting
Rumor walks great with my other two dogs.  She can pass other dogs while out walking without reaction.
She has a pretty rambunctious and vocal playstyle with other dogs…she is still learning here.
Rumor loves to put two paws up and balance on her back end.  She is more than willing to fall backwards while doing this so I always catch her or ease her down.
She has no handling issues and let me clip her nails.

Rumor has such wonderful attributes and will make a great family friend. If you are interested in knowing more about Rumor, please fill out an adoption application and ask for Rumor!