Rudy – Yellow Male, 6ish years, 79 lbs. 

Any football fans out there? Rudy was named after the classic football movie “Rudy” he just doesn’t give up! No matter the circumstances, this underdog will win you over. Trusting, loving, loyal and forgiving are the words that come to mind when I think of our sweet Rudy. Besides food, flopping on his back for belly rubs seems to be among his favorite things. He would nap at your feet all day if he could. He is a very docile boy that will follow you everywhere. With a belly full of yummy food, he slept in his crate the first night without a peep. Rudy has good leash manners! 

The veterinarian thinks he is about 6 years old. Rudy’s front teeth are worn down and he looks older due to his previous lack of proper care and nutrition. Rudy came in as a stray with two other dogs and was terrified at the shelter. But boy did he do a 180 when he went into his foster home and received the loving attention he needed! 

Due to his previous life – Rudy has been caught (gasp) counter surfing!! Although this is not really unusual for a Labrador (because they looooove food) his foster mama is working on this. He is also a determined little fellow. He has a calm yet bold personality. When he wants something, he thinks he will get it. Rudy will truly win you over. 

Rudy gets along great with other dogs but to be honest, he ignores them most of the time. Not a big play time guy ‐ napping and being by your side, on the other hand, is his strong suit. Chewing toys or chasing the ball does not really interest him. 

Of course like most other dogs, basic commands, training and regular exercise are important for a happy household. If you would like to learn more about Rudy – please fill out an adoption application.