Remy – Black Male X, 1 year old, 40lbs  

“Deaf dogs hear the world not with their ears, but with their hearts”

Hello there world! My name is Remy and I am a very special pup, at least that is what my foster mama tells me every day! I am special for many reasons – I am a fun-loving snuggle bug, smart as a whip, and super cute, if I do say so myself. I am also deaf. You may think that it is very sad that I am deaf, but honestly, it does not slow me down at all! My other senses are sharp as a tack and I am very resilient. I am looking for a very special family who has room in their hearts and homes for a very special dog like me.

Now, obviously as I am deaf, I cannot hear verbal commands. However, I have excellent eye-sight and I am quick to pick up on hand signal commands and visual cues. I already know sit, come, and down! It may take a bit longer for me to get used to my new home, as I can only rely on four senses to acclimate to my new environment, but once I know I am in a safe place and can trust you, I will give my heart to you forever. I absolutely love to cuddle, and in my mind, I am a lap dog. Give me a good belly rub and I will melt into you.  I love to play toys with my dog friends, splash in the water, and go on a brisk walk or hike with my people. I am housetrained, crate-trained, leash-trained, and get along great with dogs of all sizes. Those cats smell awfully tasty to me, so no feline friends for me please! I would also prefer a house with grownup people or older children/teens who will provide a strong pack structure for me.

Remy is indeed a very special pup. Deaf dogs truly do hear the world with their heart, and Remy is no exception. Remy is affectionate, smart, and the very best cuddle buddy. He will need a family who is either familiar with deaf dogs or willing to attend training with him to learn how to integrate hand signals and visual cues into the household. Remy relies on his people to ensure his safety and well-being more so than a non-deaf dog, so it is important that he has a strong human pack leader he can trust. However, once Remy trusts you, he will be devoted to you forever! If you are interested in making Remy a very special member of your family, please apply online to adopt.