Remington – Black Male X; 8 years, 82 lbs.

Hello beautiful world! Remington’s here – a dreamer and a leaner! A wanna be lap dog too! I am so very excited to be starting a brand-new life with my brand-new family!  My new best friends from the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno have promised to make my bucket list come to life!  Isn’t that grand!  Happy Days for me!

My new foster mommy gave me a bath and my ears were cleaned.  Wow, I feel like a pup again and if I do say so myself, I smell pretty nice too.  My foster dad tells me I am a by-your-side kind of guy – the type of labbie that is always close to you, loyal and true. I love car rides and to walk by your side on a leash. I am perfecting my leash skills btw, but foster mom says I’m not bad. My foster family has 2 four legged kids and I get along with them.  Oh, did I tell you I like balls and squeaky toys? The game is – you throw it, I bring them back so that you can throw it again. Bet you didn’t know about that game huh?  Hey, I may be a little older, but I have not lost my zest for life! It just means I am a gentleman who likes his crate, knows where to pee, will not chew up the sprinklers or dig up the yard.  I also love squeaky toys and a good game of fetch now and again in the yard! I lose 10 years when I see those tennis balls! But most of all, I love my people. I’m one of those guys who, when I see you coming, my entire body language changes to HAPPY! I put my ears back and wag, wag, wag my tail in happiness! This makes my foster mama smile. I love gazing at you and love when you scratch me under my ears. The years have taught me to be patient and gentle, making me an excellent companion.

Now, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had an owner.  He got me when I was a cute puppy of course. He didn’t really know any better so I was left pretty much on my own, outside, in the great outdoors.  Time went by and while I was lonesome, I never gave up hope that someday, someone would love me!  Even as I grew older and dirtier, I wagged my tail at anyone who walked by or would pay attention to me. I spent the rest of the time looking through the window, watching their world unfold without me. Then the baby came along.

Then one day I was loaded up in the car – did I tell you I just love car rides?  Well, instead of going to the park, it was a dirty trick and I was taken to the most horrible pound in the area. He told them to euthanize me! I was crushed and so, so scared there. What had I done, I have been your good boy for 8 years! I guess you justified this somehow…

You see, a long time ago likely when I was a young dog I nipped him. Then more recently “he said” I nipped again. I thought I was to die for sure, but instead, a Miracle happened. A much-trusted person who evaluates dogs at this “shelter” saw me. He saw me light up because he was looking at me! Here is what he said “ZERO signs of any type of aggression. Instant friends in kennel, easy to leash, easy on leash, ok to touch all over and good with strangers. Happy, friendly easy to be with. Short of being abusive, I poked and pulled and pinched – all of those things that would or could push the boundaries with a dog and he was friendly. He should not be here; he should be in a home”.

Then, those most beloved to dogs in need, those rescuers from Lab Rescue of Fresno, found me, what joy!

Remington is a gentleman dog just looking for a family to love and spend his days by their side. He has been a stellar boy. He is pretty much an insta-dog, and will fit in well in any household as long as he can be with his people. He is house and crate trained. He would love a home with a retired couple or single who is just looking for a good friend. Because of what his owner labelled him; we will be placing him in a home without children. Remington’s new family will enjoy endless love and devotion. Do you have room in your heart and home for this darling older gentleman? There is no love as great as that of a senior rescue dog. Experience the wonders and joys of this special love yourself and please apply online today to meet Remington.