6 Superstar Chocolate pups
12 weeks old, approximately 20 pounds
3 males – Judge, Chipper and Mookie
3 females – Jennie, Jocy and Maya

Put me in coach… I’m ready to play, today!.
Drum roll for the Boys (and Girls) of Summer 2022!

Introducing your starting lineup:

The boys:

  • Judge (Aaron) Yankee star and Fresno State Alumni. He is game ready from mastering tug-o-war.
  • Chipper (Jones) former Braves All-Star. He is a big fan of the baby pool.
  • Mookie (Betts) Red Sox and Dodger slugger. He is a sweet boy who loves belly rubs.

The girls:

  • Jennie (Finch) Olympic softball gold medalist. She is full of energy and also a water fan.
  • Jocy (Alo) College Softball World Series champion. She is a rough and tumble gal who loves to annoy Chipper.
  • Maya (Brady) UCLA softball superstar with impressive family DNA! She is the baller of the bunch and will impress you with her fielding skills.

All are active, love water play, stick chewing (making their own bats??) and wind down after playing with cuddles and belly rubs. Since puppies will be puppies, we will be looking for ages 10+ if there are children in the home. They are working on their potty training skills and with your help, should have it mastered by playoff time!

Puppies are not adopted on a first come, first served basis, but rather on the best fit for each pup. If you are interested in any of our star athletes in the making, please remember that a puppy can be a 15 plus year commitment and will need training to reach their full potential. So let’s root, root, root for the puppies and please fill out an online application to adopt.