The Playoff Pups!

Females: Cheer, Snap and Charisma
Males: Blitz, Nimble and Huddle
Black puppies are approximately 10 weeks old.

Estimated size range as adults, 40-60 pounds.

Are you sad that the Super Bowl is over and there is no football until fall? We have the perfect way to spend your time while waiting for preseason. Introducing The Playoff Pups! They can run, they are learning to catch and they will dance their way into the end zone and your heart.

Cheer is the biggest of the pups and will enjoy a comfy seat in the stands… with a snack of course! She is playful and social.

Snap is the little alpha female. She is first on the field and the first one up for an adventure.

Blitz is a baller. He loves to chase toys and he’s a team player. In the off season he is the star of the wrestling team.

Charisma is the team spokes puppy and official greeter.

Huddle loves to cuddle (see what we did there?), especially when he sleeps.

Nimble is playful and always up for a game of chase down the sideline with the other dogs.

All the pups are kid tested and approved and will have their age appropriate vaccinations.
It is important to remember that a puppy can be a 15 year plus commitment and training is an important part making them superstar team players.

If you are ready to add one of these adorable athletes to your squad, please fill out an online adoption application.