Paisley – A Miracle Dog
Black Female, 4 years, 69 lbs.

Yes….. I am back!!!   With my cute little badger face, and snarky smiles, I’m back and looking for my forever family again.    (Paisley was adopted out through LRRF in 2020, but through no fault of her own is back looking for her forever family once again.)

Hi, I’m Paisley, and I believe in miracles! They are all around me and give me strength. I am told many of you miracles helped in my rescue journey. You helped in my medical care. You prayed for me. You sent positive vibrations through the universe to me. Me! Little Ole’ me! Because of all of these miracles, I’m here today, knowing that there are plenty of wonderful dog-loving human miracles out there in the world. And somewhere among you is someone for me, someone who will love me and keep me believing in miracles for the rest of my life!

You might remember that I originally came to Lab Rescue in the spring of 2020, the midst of the pandemic, and life was pretty crazy.   In the fall I went home with a family that thought I would be their furever dog, but sadly things got a bit out of sorts there and the family needed to return me to LRRF.

If you need a recap of where I’ve been… I had a pretty sad story… The fact that I’m a tripod? No, that doesn’t make me sad at all! I still have one more leg than you silly! No, my sad life was because I spent my first few years facing the atrocities of bad people to the point, I almost gave up on them. I spent those years on a nylon rope, tied around my neck. I was shot at for fun. Yes, fun! I have a lot of buckshot in my body as proof. I was also pregnant. In fact, when I was dumped, I had three dead pups and required emergency surgery to save my life. My leg had been broken so badly and for so long there was no saving it. And despite the fact that the Defenders of Dogs, The Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno, dropped everything to get me to the vet, I was beyond caring. I just sat and stared at the back of the crate. I had nothing left, no reason to live, and that was my sad story.

But miracles happened for me! First, surgery to save my life, then surgery to turn me into a tripod and stop the pain. Then treats! Good, regular food, too. Oh, and kind words – music to my heart. First my tail gave a little thump, my tongue a little kiss. And the kindness continues to flow – really, pinch me, is this real? My tail is wagging, it has gained momentum until its rarely still. I am still shy, and really haven’t learned what a toy is, but, oh, kindness and love is a miracle for my soul. And for the first time in my life, I have hope. Hope that my family will finally find me, and we will unite. Together, forever, for as long as my tail shall wag, we will be a family.

Paisley is available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno. She is so sweet and loving with people but her past has made her a bit shy. She is good with dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes but would really like to be your very own princess. She is house trained, crate trained, and uses the doggy door, and gets around great with the use of a doggy stroller (which is provided) and some limited walks.  This girl has been through so much in her short life that she deserves a Happily Ever After. One filled with patience, love, and kindness. (And Paisley says snacks too.) Female only household strongly preferred. If you can commit to this special girl, and give her all that she needs, please fill out an online application at our website.