Ozzy Black Male 6-Month-Old 53 LBS

Walking the streets of Kerman, minding my business I got nabbed and sent to the Petatenchery. Got bailed out and ended up in Tulare then up north to the foothills. Finally, I’m able to hang out with my new buds, Derek and Rubi, their story was almost the same as mine. I’ve got a warm crate to sleep in and food twice a day.

There are 2 people who live here, they keep petting me and tell me how handsome I am. When they are gone, I get to stay in a kennel outside by myself, Derek and Rubi stand watch. I like being in this pack, I’m learning a lot about life here. The people let all of us in the house and I keep watching D&R, I want to please and just want to fit in.

There is a dog savvy cat that lives here, I’ve never been around cats, I want to check her out. She finally comes out a lot and we have started a friendship, the people tell me to be good, they have this squirt bottle, all they have to do is point it at me.

I’m 6 months old but they tell me I’m really mellow, for that age, D&R have taught me about chew bones and playing tug-a-war with this hug rope. I’ve learned to lay down and be quiet when the people are eating, I know we are going to get a treat when they are finished. I’m going to get bigger and will need a lot of exercise so that I will chill before bedtime, I’m getting good on leash, I still need a lot of encouragement to get in the car for rides.

The routine her is, stay in the house for an hour or 2 then outside to go potty. Repeat, then eat dinner and repeat until bedtime. I haven’t had any accidents since I’ve been here. I sleep all night in a crate next to the people’s bed, then wake up, go potty and eat. I spend most of the morning in my outside kennel. I don’t bark much or cry or fuss. I think I’d be happy in a home with another dog, or a very active family or both.

The people here tell me horror stories of their past foster dogs, they tell me I’m easy peasy. If you need a forever pal who has little drama, I’m your man. I’m nothing like Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, I can’t carry a tune with a bucket.