ODIE – Yellow Male mix, 3ish, 78 lbs.

Hey there, buddies! I’m Odie and I am looking for a loving home. You see, I used to have a family, but sadly their life circumstances changed and they were unable to care for me anymore. It really confused me at first, but they did the right thing and surrendered me directly to LRRF so I could find the very best home and have the very best care with my foster family in the meantime. So now I am ready to find my amazing forever family!

I truly am a lovebug, making friends with all humans and dogs alike. I quickly make friends at the dog park and I play very well with other dogs of all sizes. I am super smitten with my canine foster brother, and we spend most of the day side by side, frolicking and sharing toys. Maybe you have another doggie I could pal around with too? That would be super cool! I love to be with my humans and really enjoy my toys. I sleep on a dog bed in my foster mom’s bedroom, and sleep quietly all night until it’s time to wake up and start the day. I have been crated during the day when the adults in the home leave for short spurts, and I am quite agreeable about it. I just spend my time in the crate snoozing and dreaming about their return, so the time just flies by! I think I am a great dog and so does my foster mom, and hopefully you think so too now! If you do, keep reading to find out how to make me a member of your family forever!

Odie has a kind heart, responds well to direction, and is obedient. He knows a few commands like sit, lay, and stay, and is learning the word “no” when he and foster brother become a little too feisty. Odie does beautifully on a leash, and he looks forward to his daily walks. He enjoys hiking and splashing in creeks and lakes, but will not go swimming in a pool. He just prefers water in a natural setting! Maybe a water-loving partner just might get him into a pool.

Odie’s new family must be committed to helping him lose weight through a diet and exercise program. He will need to drop about an additional 8-10 pounds in order for him to be at a healthy weight. He has begun his program at his foster home, and he hasn’t complained one bit! Free feeding a Lab is a no no. If you need tips on how to help dogs drop pounds, we can help guide you through that program. It is not difficult; it just takes a little time.

A family with another playful dog would be ideal for Odie. He really loves interacting with other dogs, and is quite spirited when he finds the right playmate. Odie is a joy to be around, and is very devoted to his family. If you are interested in applying for this lovely young boy, please complete an adoption application. Odie can’t wait to meet you!