Nellie – Yellow Female, 6 years old, 85 lbs

Our sweet Nellie loves walkies and squeaky toys. She is learning to trust after being a stray and then held for about a month in a high kill shelter before she was finally released to Lab Rescue. She is blossoming in her foster home and enjoying meeting new people. She has almost ceased her “stranger danger” barking when she sees new people, and is more interested in meeting them, especially if they have treats!

Nellie has been very gentle taking treats and being petted by children. She likes giving kisses. She has excellent house manners, hangs out in her open crate or wherever else she wants to in the house, and sleeps with her foster mom at night.

Her foster home currently has no other dogs, and she hasn’t had the
opportunity to meet and play off-leash yet. She does often bark at first, especially if she is barked at, but has made friends with a couple other Lab Rescue foster dogs at events. She likes playing kissy-face with them, and says she wants to bounce and play. Cats are unknown, but she has shown some interest in the ones she sees on walks.

Nellie has slightly bowed knees, but x-rays show that her hips and knees are in the right place. Besides some arthritis, the issue is probably with her muscles from being confined for a long period of time. She loves walks and runs (as much as foster mom is willing to jog), and goes up and down hills. She also loves naps, just hanging out near people, and cuddling. She is a sweet, happy girl who wants
attention and love.

If you would like to open your home to wonderful Nellie, please fill out an adoption application.