Mindy – Fox Red Female X, 3 year,  45lbs.

“Given the chance, I would be your friend for life; a loyal companion. Given a chance, I would share your life; sacrifice mine to save yours. Given a chance, I would learn to please you; we could teach each other. Given a chance I would love you – unconditionally. Given a chance, I would. Given a chance…” (The Rescue Dog by Sid Torchio)

Are you willing to give me a chance? My name is Mindy and I am looking for a forever family to give me a chance. You see, I do not look the most Labrador-like, I am quiet and shy, and sadly, I often expect people to treat me with unkindness as it is all I have ever known up until now. I don’t speak of my past, but I was found running loose and trapped by a local shelter. Oh my goodness was I scared in that shelter. I just huddled in a corner and hoped for it all to end soon. But then this nice person from a group called the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno took notice of me. One look into my eyes and they knew they had to save me. They took me to this place called a foster home. Whoa was it different than anything I have ever experienced before. For the first time, I have a soft bed to sleep in whenever I am tired, food to eat whenever I am hungry, water to drink whenever I am thirsty, and the treats! Oh wow I really like the treats!

To be honest, this has all been a bit overwhelming for me. I have never known kindness from people before, so it has taken me some time to realize that people are good and will touch me softly and care for me. I am a shy girl and need some patience from my people. It takes me time to trust you but oh how I want to love you so much! Please just take your time and I will let you into my heart and make you my world. I just need a chance. I am a very low-key girl who prefers to spend most of my time napping and cuddling up in my dog bed. I am ok to co-exist with some dogs, but I prefer quiet, so loud rambunctious doggie pals are not for me. I have not met a cat yet, so I am uncertain about those critters. I am a smart girl and quickly mastered house-training. I really do not like crates, but I have excellent house manners and you can trust me to roam free without causing any trouble.

Sweet little Mindy has a gentle quiet spirit that is longing to find a family to love. Sadly, she has experienced mostly negative interactions with humans in the past so it takes her time to relax and trust people. But, once she does trust you, she will give you every bit of love she can muster, and she has a lot of love stored up! Mindy is a well-behaved house dog who loves to lounge on a soft bed. She is starting to play more now with the other dogs in her foster home and is showing us more and more of her carefree side every day. Mindy will need a special family who is willing to go slow and give her the time she needs to build a trusting relationship. Do you want to take a chance on Mindy and make her dreams of a loving forever family come true? If so, apply at www.labrescuefresno.org today!