Mary and Jane – The Mellow Yellow Ladies
Mary – age 6, 89 lbs. and Jane – age 5, 85 lbs.
Black & Tan Beauties, (bonded pair to be adopted together)

Lucy and Ethel, Thelma and Louise … they have nothing on Mary and Jane!  A life-long friendship we’re willing to share with you… were perfect ladies, well, maybe we play a little rough now and again, but other than that, you can’t go wrong with a little Mary Jane! We’re sweet, we’re gentle, we’re mellow-yellow – but more than anything else, we’re loyal and true. We’re a pair, what is a Jane or Mary without the other?! We are desperately seeking a forever home like us … loyal and sweet and so full of love.  Adopt us both and you will see – two plus you will never be a lonely number you’ll see!

Now to address the elephant in the room – we may not be total Labradors in the true sense of the word, maybe some shepherd? Hard to say but those wonderful Defenders of Dogs at the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno recognize that sometimes the heart of a Labrador comes in a different type of package like us! When they first met us in a small valley shelter, they couldn’t believe that such a practically perfect pair would have no owner.   Sad, but true, not all humans are like you, they abandon their dogs like they do their trash.  Lucky for us, we have always had each other, to keep us from ever losing hope that our forever home is out there.  And with the help of our friends at Lab Rescue, I am sure you will find us, we have been waiting a long time for you.

Now Mary is the mother hen, she always maintains her cool.  Me, Jane, well, I like to play and can be the sillier of us two.  We are such good girls, potty trained, we respect our home.  We are so easy, we don’t require much.  We have lived in apartments, we hardly bark although Mary, on a rare occasion, bays.  Just take us on regular walks and we’re all good!   For fun, we love water … the ocean, the first steps of the pool, or even a kiddy wading pool works and is perfect for us when it’s hot.  You should know we also get along with cats.  We get along with dogs.  We get along with people.  We get along with them all!   We know family comes in all shapes and sizes – all that matters is the size of the heart and its capacity for love.  Adopt us please, we have been waiting so long.  Mary and Jane need a family like you.

Mary and Jane are a bonded pair available for adoption through the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno.  Easy, no assembly required type of girls, they are gentle, loving and sweet.  They get along with all creatures furry and humans of all sizes, they just want a stable, forever home and people to love.   If you ever wanted to be a part of rescue, and have a loving, stable home to share, the time is now, and Mary and Jane are your pair!  If you would like to give these lovely ladies a home, please fill out an application.

A special reduced adoption fee for these two beautiful girls is $400, which includes spay, microchip, and all vaccinations.