Major – Chocolate Male, 9 years old, 80 lbs.

Hello there, fine friends! My name is Major, and I am looking for my forever family – could it be you? Did you know that like a fine wine, Labradors only get better with age? Well now you know! I am an older fella, my rich chocolate fur is lightly dusted with powdered sugar, and I have many wise insights to share with you. For example, though I love to fetch, I have learned never to compete with another dog for a ball – always run your own race at your own pace! If you love playing fetch, going for a nice walk, and cuddling, we just may be perfect for each other!

I think I used to have a family, as I have excellent manners and know quite a few commands, but I was found as a stray and luckily made my way to LRRF. I am a true retriever, I will jump into a pool to get a ball, return to you, drop it at your feet, sit and make eye contact so you don’t forget to throw it again. Like I said, I am quite well-mannered! I am a low-key non-competitive guy though; I don’t like conflict and will yield to a more Alpha dog. I love to swim, go on walks, and get lots of pets! I do have a great fear of squeaky toys. I can’t explain it, but something about that squeak shakes me to my core and I will try anything to escape from that awful sound, so please make sure my forever home has no squeaky toys. I sure do love a good ’ole classic tennis ball though! I am a bit set in my ways, and have some strong opinions from time to time, but who doesn’t? I thrive with structure, routine, and a strong pack leader. I am more of a Beta personality and like to follow the cues from my pack leader. My favorite thing is when you look me in the eyes, tell me I am a good boy and give me lots of pets and snuggles.

Major is a laid-back sweet old fella who would make a great family dog. He is excellent with kids and even tolerates playing dress-up with the little humans! He is great with other dogs and would prefer a home with a doggie pal who can show him the ropes, as he thrives with an established pack structure. Major is a very smart dog who has obviously had a good bit of training in his past and looks to his people to show him the house rules. He enjoys the company of his family and would prefer a family who is home more often than not – he gets lonely if he is by himself for too long! Major does enjoy a good cat chase, so a feline-free home would be best. Also, he really is truly terrified of squeaky toys, so it is very important to make sure his home is squeaky toy-free. We know it is a bit odd, but hey, these funny little quirks are what makes life interesting!

If you have room in your heart and home for Major, please apply online today to adopt. Major is a wonderful Labrador with lovely energy and a fun personality who is sure to fill your life with lots of love and fun times!