Lulu #2 – Yellow Female, 5 years, 62 lbs

My name is Lulu and I am looking for love!  Do you have enough love in your life?  Well, I think you could use a good bit more, but don’t you worry, loving is what I do best! I am only 5 years old, but I have already had more than my fair share of puppies.  I try not to think about the past too much, but I think I was a breeder dog who was abandoned after my services were no longer needed. I seem to have likely lived most of my life outside, and haven’t known many of life’s comforts. I didn’t even know what a dog bed is! When I arrived at my foster home, I slept on the carpet, but once I figured out how comfy the beds were after observing my foster sister, I was hooked!  I also discovered the beauty of sleeping on couches and have made myself right at home with my foster family.

Lulu has the sweetest and most docile temperament.  All she wants is love and lots and lots of tummy rubs.  She seems to do well with a quiet environment with people who speak gently to her.  Lulu will need a dedicated guardian who will continue educating her on leash, as she obviously has never walked on one in the past.  In fact, Lulu is so smart that she will pick up on all training provided for her.  She aims to please! Her mind is an open book, and she picks up on things very quickly.

Lulu has good house manners when you are home with her.  However, once you leave, she tends to be a counter surfer.  She is a Labrador, after all, and has that classic Labbie appetite!  She needs to be educated on what the ground rules are in the kitchen, as well as the rest of the house.  She is quite receptive to hearing you out, as long as you aren’t too harsh with your words and tone.

A home where someone is around much of the time would be perfect for her. A retired couple, perhaps, or someone who works remotely, would be ideal. She just loves hanging with her people and being the recipient of all kinds of love.

Lulu gets along with her lab foster sister as well as the family cat.  She doesn’t have a prey drive for kitties and would be an excellent sibling to a cat.  She is a dream in the car and just lies down quietly in the back, anticipating where she is going. She is totally in love with her humans and wants to be around them much of the time, something she most likely lacked as a breeder dog.   Lulu is ready to soak up all the love!  If you would like to know more, apply online today to adopt Lulu!