Lacie – Yellow/White Female, Labrador/Great Pyrenees, 6 years, 77 lbs.

Hey there, nice people! My name is Lacie and phew, am I glad to be a LRRF dog! You see, I was left along the side of a busy road out in the country, alone and frightened. A rescue angel drove by and saw me lying too close to the flow of traffic, completely petrified and literally glued to the spot where I was dumped. She was able to get me into her car and out of harm’s way, and she brought me home. Because she is a busy lady with many rescues and pets of her own, she reached out to the folks at Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno to see if there was a spot for me. Luckily there was! Now I am relaxing in my foster home with 2 fur siblings and a foster mom who could see how broken I felt.

I am finally feeling relaxed enough to wag my tail, get excited about mealtime, and to be happily integrated into the pet family in the foster home. I know it’s taken me a while to feel confident enough to accept love, so the doggie smiles, tail wags, and happy wiggles have taken a while to emerge. But they’re here now! I feel safe, taken care of and loved finally.

Lacie is a tall, beautiful blend of Labrador/Great Pyrenees with soft white fur and a curled tail. Her foster mom considers her a gentle giant, a soft-tempered angel who only wants some loving and acceptance. She has not barked yet! The broken look in her eyes is disappearing as she becomes more comfortable with her new surroundings. Lacie is somewhat low energy as she sleeps often during the day, but enjoys socializing with her family. She has great leash manners but often gets frightened by loud noises such as cars or rowdy people in public. We think she’d make an excellent match with a retired couple who can spend lots of time nurturing the angel that’s inside of her, in a quiet environment. Lacie has not spent time with children in her foster home so it is unknown whether the energy level of children would spook her. She seems unfazed by the foster’s cat, but that remains to be further tested.

Lacie does have some typical lab traits: she loves her meals and likes to investigate human meals too. In other words, she is a counter-surfer. Because of her height, you will need to be extra vigilant with plates of food because they are easily within Lacie’s reach, and she likes to help herself to tasty delicacies like chicken.

If you are interested in making this gentle giant a member of your family, please fill out your online adoption application. Lacie is just waiting to love on her own family!